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Historic Schools


> Madresseh Khan (Khanís School)

 Khan Bozorg (Mohammad Taghi Khan Bafqi) built the school outside the city walls of Yazd circa 1150AH. The school is built in two parts. The latter and grander section was built later by Khan Bozorgís son: Ali Naghi Khan. The old style of most of this school has been lost to modern restoration. The original plans and documents relating to the school are stored at the University of Tehranís Central Library under document number 6724.


> Madresseh Abolma-aali

Built 787AH


> Madresseh Hosseinieh

Built 726AH


> Madresseh Domenar

Built 523AH


> Madresseh Meidan Ghiam (also known as Madresseh Meidan Shah)

Built 1117AH

Next to the school and its adjacent public square a stone can be found with carved calligraphy of poems by Zabeehi a poet of the 1160 AH.


> Madresseh Abdorahim Khan (also known as: Madresseh Nou)

Built 720AH


> Madresseh Kamalieh (in Meidan Amir Chakhmagh)

Built 1035AH


> Madresseh Molla Esmail

Built 1218AH


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