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Haji Khalifeh

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Haji Khalifeh Ali Rahbar, Haji Morteza Shirini Saz and Haji Hossein Ferdowsian and their families have been baking the highest quality confectionaries in Yazd for a very long time (probably close to one hundred years)

They have set the benchmark for all of Yazd's confectionaries. If there is any excellent Baghlava or Pashmak produced in Yazd or Iran, it is only been likened to Haji Khalifeh's brand. The recipes of Haji Khalifeh's products have been a closely kept family secret, although today the latest technological advancements and processes help them in the baking of their products. There are grades of Haji Khalifeh's products, which is categorized by a resident taster every day. The taster decides if a confectionary deserves one toothpick, two toothpicks or three toothpicks  (Yek Sikheh, Do Sikheh or Seh Sikheh) The taster places three toothpicks on the batch of confectionary that is perfect in every aspect of taste, texture and aroma.

Beware of imposters, there are a few other shops that produce confectionaries under the Haji Khalifeh name and sometimes Haji Khalifeh's brand. You can find the freshest confectionaries from Haji Khalifeh Ali Rahbar's legendary shop in the corner at Amir-Chaghmagh Square in Yazd. Last time I checked Haji Khalifeh's originals could be bought in Tehran at Tavazo's shops.

Please visit the home page of Haji Khalifeh at: http://www.hajkhalifehalirahbar.com

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