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The Yazd Society of Tehran

Recently Yazd.com received a brochure titled: The Yazd Society of Tehran, an organization with the objective to create primarily a social and literary club, in particular for the natives of Yazd living in Tehran and also for all others interested in Yazd. The society's charter is to:

  1. Promote cultural values.
  2. Support and encourage the efforts and education of the youth and scholars.
  3. Organize Cultural gatherings and speech by scholars.
  4. Promote general welfare projects including health and education.
  5. Promote dialogue and positive communication among the people of Yazd and also with people from other provinces in Iran.

The organization was established in Tehran with license#11390 in the year 1378 S. (1999 A.D.)

You can contact the Yazd Society of Tehran by Telephone at:0911-2266428

Following is the complete brochure, please click on any thumb nail image to view the larger image:

Yazd Society of Tehran - Brochure Cover Page -Cover Page                Yazd Society of Tehran - Brochure Inside Cover Page -Inside Cover

Yazd Society of Tehran - Page 1 & 2-Page 1 & 2                  Yazd Society of Tehran - Page 3 & 4 -Page 3 & 4

Yazd Society of Tehran - Page 5 & 6 -Page 5 & 6                 Yazd Society of Tehran - Invitation Flyer -Invitation Flyer 


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