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Adult Handicapped and Elderly Building

Handicapped and Elderly Care Building

The purpose of this building is to provide health care and residence for handicapped adults and elderly. The resident patients include all people with physical and mental disabilities, including stroke victims and the elderly with severe health or emotional problems. The residents include patients from the province of Yazd as well as other parts of Iran. The operation of this unit is managed by the local Health Department and inspected continuously by the central Health Department and independent inspectors. The complex has received excellent reviews from many sources including a central Health Department inspection review which called the facilities and the care providers as "exemplary and one of a kind in Iran". This complex has been operational since the end of 1997, the planning and blue prints were completed in 1995 and construction was initiated in late1996.

View two paintings by Mohammad Hossein Kahdooey a handicapped resident patient of the Complex: 

Painting by Mohammad Hossein Kahdooey   Painting by Mohammad Hossein Kahdooey    <<<< Click thumb nail image to view larger image

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