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Vahshi Bafghi

Vahshi Bafqi

Mowlana Shams-ed-Din (Kamal-ol-Molk) Mohammad Vahshi Bafqi is a poet of the 16th century AD.

Born in Bafq, a village near Yazd circa 1550 AD, and lived in the city of Yazd. His beautiful and gentle poetry is styled in Tarkeeb-band which is a unique form of poetry in the Persian language composed by combination of several stanzas of equal size. The gentle and famous book by the name of "Farhad and Shirin" was started by Vahshi Bafqi, but he died before its completion, Vesal-e Shirazi completed this work later. Vahshi Bafqi's major works are "Nazer and Manzoor" and "Khold-e Barin" among many other books and scripts. 

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