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Want to help build a Science Museum in Yazd?

The Zirakzadeh Science Foundation a non profit and non governmental organization is interested to build a Science Center and a Water Clock Project in the city of Yazd. The Foundation has presented the proposals for the two projects to several resources in Yazd, unfortunately despite numerous follow ups there has not been any real action from any one in Yazd to move the projects forward. The Zirakzadeh Science Foundation is very serious and motivated to allocate a portion of its resources and knowledge to implement the projects which are briefly outlined below :


The Zirakzadeh Science Foundation is looking for help to find the contact(s) who can help implement these valuable projects as soon as possible. If you or anyone you know can assist the Foundation or can put them in contact with the people who can make the project happen please send an email to the Foundation's contact in Iran:Mr. Ali Parsa or for more information visit Zirakzadeh Science Foundation's Web Site . Your assistance or feedback will be highly appreciated.


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