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Azzahra Complex with View of Entrance & the Three Health Care Facilities

Yazd's Handicapped Children & Elderly Complex

Yazd's Handicapped Children and Elderly Complex provides services and residence to people with special health care needs. The complex is located ten minutes drive outside of the city of Yazd in the outskirts of the municipality of Taft, and operates under the name of Azzahra Charitable Organization. Currently there are three operational sections that were completed by the private efforts of charitable individuals and foundations. The Health Department oversees, operates and manages all daily aspects of the facilities under the highest and strictest health care standards.

The existing units consist of:

  1. Disabled and Elderly Care Building

  2. Mentally Handicapped Children's Care Building 

  3. Health Clinic Building and Administrative Offices

Currently there are fourteen more lots of land available to any charitable organization or individuals for the construction of health care or special education facilities in the Complex. There are two projects in planning stages which will be completed and ready for service within two years.

You can visit, volunteer or make contributions to the complex directly:

The Complex Location:

Yazd-Taft Highway, Kilometer 10, Taft, Iran 

Telephone: 352622-6262

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